Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is Your Health Care Insurance Costing You A Fortune?

I can remember when a thing such as health care was less complicated in the early 70’s. I was young about maybe 7 years old and fell very ill with the flu and my parents immediately ran to the local drug store to purchase an inexpensive over the counter medicine which by the way tasted like quinine to cure my illness. In the early 70’s, my parents had a doctor they trusted who may I add made house visits. I can remember when my middle sister had taken ill with same illness of having the flu, they called the family doctor who again made the visit to our home and administered an injection of Penicillin for the illness and called it a day.

Cost for home visit and injection, $10.00. If my parents didn’t have the immediate fee to pay once the services was done, the visiting doctor told my parents "to pay whatever you can when you get paid". Today, a trip to the emergency room to be treated for same flu like illness would cost you around $700.00 or more. You may wonder why am I sharing this story with you, because I want to raise the awareness of just how much has changed in the last three decades with the issue of health care insurance and how it may effect you and your family.

Today, health care is one of the top social and economic problems facing Americans today. Have you read reports or listened to local and world news on the rising cost of medical care and health insurance is impacting the livelihood of many people in one way or another. The inability to pay for necessary medical care is no longer a problem affecting only the uninsured, but is increasingly becoming a problem for those with health insurance as well. What doesn’t work is a health care system administered by profit-driven corporations and health insurance benefits that are primarily tied to employment. Let’s not forget about those who are working a part-time job from which an employer does not offer any kind of dental or medical insurance to their employees whatsoever.

My question being raised; is your health care insurance costing you a fortune? In a study completed by the Commonwealth Fund, 45% of the adults in the survey reported that they have had hard times paying their bills even with health insurance and had been contacted by a collection agency or had to change their way of life in an effort to pay their medical bills. This comes with saying almost 50% of personal bankruptcies are due to medical expenses. Keep in mind that more than 70% of American companies had double-digit health care cost increases in 2006 and almost 60% of companies intend to keep down rising health care cost in 2009 by raising workers’ deductibles, co-pays and waiting periods can make the coverage far less than stellar.

I have a solution which would make having dental and health care a bit affordable for you and your family. If I told you that you can save thousands of dollars on medical expenses such as dental, prescription drugs, eye examination, lab work and MRI’s, you would want me to point you in the right direction of receiving such a plan right? Well it’s true! You can save thousands of dollars just by having a discounted dental and health care plan that gives you the care and flexibility you and your family need along with fitting into your monthly budget. Just go to MyBenefitsPlus and check out some of the many programs offered to you and your entire household at no additional cost to you. Now you can help those you love without hurting your budget. For more information go to MyBenefitsPlus you'll be glad you did.


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