Sunday, December 7, 2008

What's the Difference Between Dental Insurance vs. Dental Discount Programs?

You may ask so what’s the difference? Does one offer better coverage than the other? Will it cost me more or less than my current dental insurance? Before I explain the difference of both dental insurance and dental discount programs, here are some facts you should know first.

“In 2005, almost 1 in 10 people age 18 to 64 years old reported not being able to afford prescription drugs and almost 10 percent said they postponed getting the medical care they needed because of not having any kind of dental or medical insurance”. I just thought I leave you with that bit of information before I really get into informing you of the difference between dental insurance and a dental discount program.

Dental Insurance is utilized by large groups and businesses to cover their employees’ and their families as well. In some cases, some employees will have a certain amount of monies deducted from their check every pay period whether it is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Dental Discount Programs are available to anyone, anytime regardless of length of employment. “Traditional” Dental Insurance requires paying monthly premiums for coverage. Dental Discount Programs are designed to provide consumers access to dental networks at a reduced rate. “Traditional” Dental Insurance is not readily accessible to individuals and families unless provided by their employer.

Dental Discount Programs are affordable to join and are the most widely available dental programs for individuals and their families. You would not have to wait for an enrollment season to cover you and your entire family. “Traditional” Dental Insurance has an annual spending maximums, deductibles and waiting period for certain procedures and limitations and exclusions on care. Dental Discount Programs provide instant savings on most dental procedures. “Traditional” Dental Insurance involves tedious claims forms to fill out and submit. A Dental Discount Programs are on a member based providing coverage usually on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Dental Insurance usually covers the cost of preventive services (such as cleanings and exams) only after deductibles are met. With a Dental Discount Program, consumers pay a membership fee in exchange for secured discounts on most dental services like dental exams, routine cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, dentures, crowns and orthodontic treatment (braces). Dental Insurance deductible varies from $25 to $50 per covered individual depending on the policy. With health insurance premiums set to go up another 9%-10% in 2009, employers are going to once again be looking for ways to cut health benefit costs. Dental Discount Programs save members any where of about 20% to 60% on most dental procedures when visiting participating network providers.

In the long run, if you consider making the switch from traditional dental insurance to a dental discount program, you might want to go over the numbers to see what works more in your favor as far as your budget is concerned. In my opinion, I believe you might find having a Dental or Health Care Discount Program may be the way to go for this is the newest trend in health care nationwide.


Ezekiel32 said...

Great information Karlyn! Would the discount dental service be limited to your city or state? I have an out of town dentist that I would prefer over my local one.

Karlyn said...

Hi Ezekiel:
Once again, it's such a pleasure having to be able to assist you with your quesiton. No, it would not. With more than 30,000 dental providers nationwide, you would certainly reap the benefits of this service. If you need further info, please feel free to contact me at my toll free number on my website.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Karlyn, Thank you for adding me in your BC list. I added you back.

You'll never know how much I appreciate the good thought coming from you. It really helps me to get going...

Jeff said...

Differences of Dental Insurance:

Limitations, deductibles and annual maximums .
bullet Waiting periods for major dental procedures.
bullet Tedious and time-consuming written claims process.
bullet Limitations/exclusions on pre-existing conditions.

Differences of a Discount Dental Plan:

* No limits, our members enjoy discounts on most dental services as often as they need.
* Our plan activates within 1-2 business days.
* Membership card is presented at the time of service for discounts on most dental services, no hassles with paperwork.
* Everyone is elgible there are health restrictions.

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